What is a transformational retreat?

A Transformational retreat is immersing yourself in the healing power of nature with the intention to discover new ways of seeing the world, others, and yourself. It is uniquely personal and works to create a symbiosis between intention, awareness, presence, and surrender. It is a slower process, less like a lightning strike and more like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly. You learn how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable and embrace change and the unfamiliar. You begin to trust in the unknown and yourself. You will see nature as something that we are irrevocably connected to and a part of and that is vital to our health and well-being. The level of transformation experienced depends entirely on you.

Do I need to be a hiker?

No. One of the days will be a full day, challenging hike but there are many options for those who do not feel that is in their ability. The rest of the week will be easy to moderate trails. When you sign up for the retreat we will send you a prep list of how we recommend you prepare for the week so you feel ready to hike whichever option you choose.

Do I need to be good at yoga?

No, and nor do you need to have any previous experience.  The classes will be designed, with an emphasis on incorporating mindful movement, and linking the breath with movement.  Lots of opportunity for observation, and taking it slow. Many of the practices that you’ll have the opportunity to experience, will be about noticing the energetic effects and gains of a regular yoga practice.  Considerations and cautions will be taken into account for anybody who has an injury or health condition that may require modifications to be made, to allow for more comfort and no harm.  Various yoga props in the way of bolsters, blocks, straps, pillows and blankets, and even chairs, will be made available, to allow for easier access and support, in certain postures.

Is this a yoga retreat?

No. Yoga is one of the many tools we believe deeply in, as a way of accessing the core of ourselves and cultivating a feeling of wholeness.  Time in nature, meditation, healthy mindful eating, daily practices, hiking, self-care sessions, and learning to surrender are the other tools we believe massively in and want to help you experience.

I have never meditated before, will I be okay?

Absolutely! We will be offering many different types of meditation over the week and teaching helpful techniques.  As with so many things that are new to us, it’s all about practice, and so we recognize that each person who attends our retreat, will be at their own starting point with all of this.  Maybe you’ve had a rooted meditation practice for years, or maybe this is all brand new.  We’ll help you, from whatever point you’re starting from, but it all begins with the ease of practice, and recognizing that it will become more natural with time.

I am vegan/celiac will there be food options for me?

Yes. We work directly with a dietician to create local, healthy, seasonal meals for the entire retreat. Just let us know of any dietary restrictions or concerns you have before arriving and we will make sure your meals will be modified and delicious.

I have done a lot of self-development work; will this be worth it for me?

Yes. Remembering that you will get out of it what you put into it. One of our favourite quotes from Tony Robbins is “if you’re not growing your dying”. It is important to always be working on self-development as it is a journey not a destination. We have devised a unique transformational experience where you will discover more about your true purpose, your relationship with nature, the story you’ve been telling yourself for years, the things that have been holding you back from living a better life, and so much more!

I have never done any self-development; will this be worth it for me?

Yes. Self-development is a journey not a destination and wherever you are on that journey you will find this retreat beneficial for your personal growth.

Will I have any down time or alone time?

YES. Processing and integrating the information that you learn over the week is an essential part of the process. As is deepening our relationships with ourselves. Each day you will have a solid amount of solo time to reflect, journal, book a spa service or massage, wander or just be.

Do we REALLY only have access to our phones for 1 hour per day?

Yes. In order for this process to work you need to disconnect from the routines and distractions of your daily life. In order to grow you need to be pushed outside of your comfort zone and unfortunately for most of us our comfort zone and impulsive habits, includes our phones. We recommend bringing another form of camera other than your phone to take pictures. If you do not have one or cannot borrow one, we will give you a disposable one (remember those?) upon arrival.

How do I get to you from the airport?

We have complimentary pick up and drop off service to and from the Deer Lake airport.

What do you recommend I bring?

We’d encourage guests to bring solid, comfortable shoes for trekking and out on walks.  Depending upon the season, the trails can often be a bit wet and muddy and so it would be wise to have a reliable pair of hiking boots or shoes, and a second pair of shoes for walking about town, so that you always have a dry pair to rely on.  This is a pretty casual place, so no need for anything fancy, unless perhaps a more smart-casual option for going out to dinner.  Your own water bottle is a must, for going out on hikes, and yoga classes.  A good rain jacket, wind shell and hiking pants will come in handy on the trails, and leave you prepared for whatever weather we get.  Bring a swimsuit of spontaneous ocean plunges, if you dare!  Good pair of sandals for the Summer months would definitely be smart. Once you book a retreat we will send you a full packing list so you don’t forget anything!

What is the weather and temperature?

In Newfoundland we say that we can get all four seasons in one day. Weather can change rapidly.  It’s not unlikely to expect cool and even cold breezes, at higher elevations, depending upon the winds, which are typical here anytime of the year. May/June can see temperatures cooling off a lot at night – even as low as around the freezing (celsius) mark.  In the daytime they may be around 10-15 degrees celsius, with the odd daytime temp reaching around 20 degrees.  August and July are the only sure months of seeing consistent temps in the high teens to mid-20’s.  September and October, things begin to cool off again, with the return of the cooler breezes, daytime temps usually 10-20 degrees and even cooler, by mid to late October.

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