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Our lives have become FAR too serious. Life is a journey, right? Well, journeys are supposed to be fun. We make sure our retreats are engulfed in fun and that you rediscover the lightness of being, so that you are able to bring the fun back with you and plant it in your life. On our retreats, you will make profound connections, priceless memories and laugh until your face hurts. Transformation can be seen as serious stuff, but our retreats are all about lots of fun and large amounts of laughter too.

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 A leader says follow me I will show you the way, I know more than you. A coach says listen to me I will tell you the way, I know more than you. A guide says walk with me and we will discover the way together, we both have knowledge to share. We know that everyone has unique abilities and expertise and that we will be learning from you too. We will never talk down to anyone or act superior, we are all on this journey togther. We are there to guide and support our guests, even once the Retreat is concluded. Guests leave with a 33-day action plan to keep the momentum going.

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Open Mind Open Heart

Each one of us possesses a different story and is on a unique path. We respect the diversity of where everyone has come from and where they are headed. We believe that by listening to and respecting each other’s differences we discover our similarities. We also respect the land that we are on and those who came before us. We are honoured to work with Qalipu First Nation to help voice their story and for the story of the land to be told.

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COMMITMENT: We are rooted in our commitment to our guests’ needs, wants and expectations.  We strive to exceed their expectations and anticipate their needs.  We believe deeply in a service-first mentality, and we want our guests to feel that nothing was missing, from their experience.

EMPOWERMENT: In our supportive ways we help empower each guest to take responsibility for their health & wellbeing. Through the knowledge of how nature contently seeks balance and symbiosis, each guest will be empowered to cultivate that within themselves.

IMPACT: We want to help plant the seeds that create impact and allows for continued growth, long after the retreat is over.

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At the core of this experience, is healing. We’re dedicated to our guests’ health, and wellbeing. We do this through connection to self, with the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. By deepening our connection to nature and by nurturing a connection with each other, we discover what it is to truly hold the power of our health in our own hands.

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Unconditional honesty with our guests and in our business practices, no matter what.

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