Sustainability is at the root of every choice we make at Transform Gros Morne. We support local initiatives and businesses in the area and believe that the growth of one business benefits the growth of all business, in Gros Morne. There are no big chains or franchises in the National Park, so each business is independently owned and operated, fueled with the passion to share the magic of Gros Morne with the world. From the accommodations we stay in, the restaurants we visit and the experiences we have curated, each of the businesses are growing together to Transform Gros Morne.

Heal Our Oceans

We are eco-centric in our operations and approach. We think globally and act locally by making a commitment to the global movement, Take Three for the Sea, an initiative that believes small actions produce profound change. Put simply our guides pick up three pieces of garbage from nature whenever they see it. Helping to clean our planet one mindful act, at a time. We also support, Atlantic Healthy Oceans Initiative (AHOI) operation to make Gros Morne National Park single-use plastic-free. AHOI is a local, not for profit organization, dedicated to improving the wellbeing of our oceans. Their mission is to look after the health of our oceans and promote long-term sustainable coastal communities. A beach clean up facilitated by AHOI is included in all of our retreats, where guests will be educated on wastes, overuse, eliminating plastic from our lives and what you can do now to make a lasting change. All of the litter that is picked up during the retreat will be analyzed and documented to add to the data being generated in the Gros Morne region. A portion of EVERY retreat sold is donated to AHOI to aid in their mission to heal our Oceans.

Honouring The Land


The land offers us healing, solace, exercise and nourishment, we must offer it respect and nurturing in return. We believe in the philosophy of take only memories, leave only footsteps and ensure that we respect the earth, air and water of the park. Nature provides us with so much and your Transformation will be greatly influenced and enhanced by the relationship that you will develop with this environment. Since it gives us so much, we engage in a relationship of reciprocity, constantly asking what we can offer back to nature. The original people of this land believed that the land does not belong to us, that we long belong to the land and we honour and cultivate that belief. 

We are honoured to have partnered with the Qalipu First Nations to deliver an experience to honour the first people of the land. They will share their story of strength, reverence of the earth and wisdom of the heart.

Knowing where our food comes from is so important and is often overlooked. Not only knowing where comes from but how it was grown or raised. Did you know that most produce contains 30-80% fewer nutrients than it should because of poor soil quality due to traditional farming methods? Are you aware that most animals used for meat are fed growth hormones that then go into your body when you eat it? We spend loads of time and money on putting synthetic oil and premium gas in our cars but rarely think twice about what we are putting into our own bodies. You replace a car but you only get one body, we have to start taking better care of it. We spend time on a local permaculture farm to learn about their practices. Upper Humber Settlement (read their story here) is a produce and animal farm that uses permaculture, a design system that utilizes natural patterns and rhythms to create self-sustaining ecosystems. All of the food served during the retreat comes from local farmers, fishermen, and suppliers supporting locals, helping the environment, and serving you the most delicious and nutritious food possible. 

Reduce, Reuse, Support

In our promises to eliminate plastic use, our lunch boxes are made from discarded rice husk material which is a byproduct of rice production and a renewable and sustainable resource. Our water bottles are food-grade stainless steel which is easy to clean and don’t leach harmful chemicals into your body. The yoga pants that your guides wear are made from BPA-Free Recycled Water Bottles and showcase some of the most epic scenes in Gros Morne. All of these products are Canadian made, supporting the economy of this fantastic place we get to call home.

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