Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower people to take responsibility of their physical, mental and spiritual health through Transforming their relationship with nature.  It is our basic human right to experience bliss and live a life of health & wellness. We are dedicated to supporting as many people as we can Transform their lives in a place that has Transformed ours. We are driven to showcase the raw, unparalleled beauty of Gros Morne National Park and share the deep love we possess for this place. We are committed to the belief that people will leave this experience a different person than the one they arrived, and the ripple effect of this change will help Transform the world.

Tara Kroes

Guide / Co-founder

Tara came to Gros Morne National Park for a visit 11 years ago and never left.  Originally from Toronto, she traded the CN Tower for the Tablelands and has never been happier. Tara has travelled to over 35 countries and has never found a place as beautiful or as compelling as Gros Morne. Considered a vagabond, a gypsy, and a rolling stone no one (including Tara) ever thought she would stay permanently in one place. The raw, rare, healing and what can only be described as magical essence of Gros Morne weaved its spell on her and she now has a passion to share that magic with you.

With 27 years in the hospitality industry, Tara has a deep desire to make each guest’s experience unique and unforgettable. It was this desire that led Tara to her training to be a certified life coach (TAC), and NLP Master Practioner (AIP). This means that she can talk to your unconscious mind and help you release any unwanted habits, beliefs and conditions that are holding you back from achieving your goals and living the life you deserve. Tara is also a certified Forest Therapy Guide (ANFT). Her approach to getting clients to transform their lives and reach their goals is to first get them away from technology and into nature. There is something special about connecting with the outdoors, humans have a deep, ingrained appreciation of nature. It brings a sense of peace that you can rarely find anywhere else. There is a great deal of scientific evidence emerging on the healing elements that being connected to nature provides to us.

Tara is also currently completing her Masters of Counselling Psychology. She has been guiding tours in Gros Morne National Park for the past eight years. There is a renewing and healing energy found here that is unlike any other place on the planet. The raw, natural beauty of Gros Morne can only be rivaled by the natural beauty of the people who live here. Tara cannot wait to introduce you to the people, the nature and the experience of Transformation waiting for you at Transform Gros Morne.

Lauralee Ledrew

Owner Upper Humber Settlement/Guide

Lauralee started a homesteading journey with her husband Mark in 2015 working towards food security and self-sufficient initiatives. While travelling abroad in New Zealand she lived with a family and experienced a zero-waste management project, permaculture, organic herbal greenhouse operations and more. This experience had a major impact on her homestead development and future plans. Lauralee is proud of that experience and would love the opportunity to travel worldwide to learn and see more permaculture in action. The Homestead is a 6 acre plot nestled in the forest of a small farming community. In 2020, Lauralee implemented a new way forward following no-dig methods, perma-culture techniques and integrating water harvesting systems. Composting and reusing as many resources as possible is an essential design principle on the property and you are invited to participate while staying on the property. Lauralee is very passionate about her roots and reviving the traditional way of our pass generations. She is proud of her heritage and have adopted a way of life that has been handed downto her through generations. Lauralee is very excited to share these traditions and teachings by welcoming you to Upper Humber Settlement where you will be staying for half of your retreat.

Maurice Nzoyamara R.Ac

Acupuncturist/Naturopath/Nurse/Oriental Medicine Practitioner

Maurice Nzoyamara R.Ac. is a board certified Acupuncturist with Newfoundland and Labrador Council of Health Professionals (NLCHP) and the College of Traditional Chinses Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Newfoundland and Labrador (CTCMPANL). Maurice Nzoyamara is also a member of Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada (ANNC). He is the owner and founder of ACUPUNCTURE BODY & MIND CARE CLINIC. Maurice Nzoyamara has studied nursing science in Québec City. Then he went to study the Oriental Medicine in Alberta, Canada. After successfully passing all board exams, he started right away to offer acupuncture treatments to his patients in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, Alberta. His deep knowledge in both Western and Eastern medicines help him to provide an individualized care to his patients based on the diagnosis. He speaks French, English, and Kirundi. Maurice Nzoyamara is originally from Burundi, Africa. He is now a Canadian citizen. Maurice Nzoyamara was also an Acupuncture instructor at the college of Acupuncture in Edmonton before relocating his practice from Alberta to Springdale, Baie Verte, Deer Lake and Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador. Maurice Nzoyamara is a public speaker. He has been offering presentations on health and food to people in Deer Lake, Corner Brook, and Québec City. Maurice Nzoyamara was asked to talk about health and Lifestyle on the radio/Voice of America.

Dawn & Lee

Owners Cormac Bee Comapny

In 2012, our journey carried us across the island from the hustle and bustle of the East Coast to the quaint embrace of Cormack, a serene farming haven nestled on Newfoundland’s captivating West Coast.

Under the wise guidance of Ross Traverse, we cultivated a canvas of 500 Raspberry plants, a vibrant testament to our commitment. As the seasons unfurled, a new mission took hold – to pollinate our thriving raspberry haven.  This is where the Honey bee’s come in. In the pursuit of pollination, something remarkable took root within us: the enchanting world of beekeeping became an inseparable part of our very essence.Fast-forward to the sunlit days of June 2017, a milestone etched in memory – the day we welcomed our inaugural nucleus colony.As if orchestrated by fate, government entities recognized the indispensable role of bees in pollination, kindling a resurgence of interest in commercial beekeeping.

And thus, Cormack Bee Company emerged. Dawn and I (Lee) took a leap of faith into the world of beekeeping. What enterprise could be more gratifying than crafting wholesome, nature-derived treasures for all to relish.

Helena Butler

Yoga Teacher
Helena believes in the transformative essence of yoga and nature and especially that yoga is for every body!

Helena is a certified Yoga Therapist, a continuing education provider with Yoga Alliance and Co-founder of Find Your Flow Yoga Teacher Training.

4500+ Hours including
E-RYT 500 
1000 Yoga Therapist, Advanced Teacher of Yoga Therapy, Integrative Yoga Therapy
1000 KYT  
Member International Association of Yoga Therapists IAYT
“Bridging Yoga and Healthcare” since 1989
Member KAA– Kripalu Ayurvedic Association
YACEP ( Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)
In addition Certified in :
Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, Neurogenic Yoga ™ (Trauma Healing and Stress Reduction), Training Assistant Neurogenic Yoga and TRE Dual Certification,
Yoga Corrective Exercise Specialist, Yin, Prenatal, Core Strength,
Chair Yoga, 5 Element Yoga ™, Life-Force Yoga ™,  Restorative ,
Relax and Renew Trainer ™, Reiki Master, Myofascial Release
Therapeutic Ball work with Yoga Medicine ™ and IYT, Somatics, Functional Yoga Advanced Assessment IYT, Yogassage™ ,  Level 3 Thai Yoga Massage, Children’s Yoga with Karma Kids New York. Memory Maintenance ™
Additional course work in:
Aromatherapy, Barre,Love Your Brain for TBI™, Yoga for the Pelvic Floor, Warriors at Ease ™, Adaptive Yoga, Guided Meditations, Yoga Nidra , Mudras and affirmations, Nature Journalling.

Rebecca Brushett

AHOI Founder

With over 15 years of experience, Rebecca holds a Masters of Arts in Environmental Policy and a B.Ed. in secondary sciences from MUN. She also has a B.Sc. in marine biology from Dalhousie University. She created AHOI in 2019 to inspire a change that will look after our ocean and coastal communities together.

Rebecca’s experience is diverse and ranges from studying grey whales, zooplankton and redfish off Flores Island, BC, studying zooplankton in Bonne Bay, teaching 7-12 sciences, creating marine spatial plans with community members in Gros Morne and helping tourism operations move towards a more sustainable circular economic model. More recently, she has worked at the National and International level to advocate for sustainable fisheries and ways to reduce plastic pollution in Canada.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”- Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi’s inspirational words have guided Rebecca to be where she is today working with coastal communities, and Parks Canada to ensure Gros Morne National Park and our oceans stay healthy for generations to come.

Donna & Sophie

Owner/Chef – The Rooms at Woody Point
Donna and Sophie are your hosts at The Rooms At Woody Point. While Sophie’s may seem a bit aloof as she focuses on her role as canine Princess, Donna is the antithesis of a Princess and has many useful skills, including minding of dogs and people.  Donna studied Business and Economics at Western University, holds a diploma in Hospitality Management from Fanshawe College (also in London, ON) as well a diploma in VocEd from Memorial University, NL and certification from Flowers Canada as a Master Florist. She has taught in the Hospitality Management Programs at both Fanshawe College and College of the North Atlantic. Wearing her florist hat, Donna  taught design all over Canada and in many parts of the USA. She spent seven years working for Fiesta Parade floats in Pasadena California. Donna has long been under the spell of Gros Morne National Park. After many years of running Thistledown Florist (started by her parents in 1960), she added a coffee shop (Thistle’s Cafe) to the business, and in 2004, opened a full service restaurant (Gitanos Supper Club and Tapas Bar). In 2016 she found a piece of land in Woody Point, packed in the other adventures and brought her design and hospitality skills to Woody Point.  Donna believes that food should be real, healthy, local, made from scratch, delicious, and eschewed waste.  Accommodations should strive to be “of the place” while finding a way to offer all the amenities expected of a global traveller.   She has oft been heard to say “God was born in Bonne Bay. It is where one’s soul meets one’s brain, and they realize they are one.”

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