Transform your team. Transform your business. Transform your profit.

We are becoming a world that is overrun with stress, 73 % of Americans report stress impacts their mental health and 1 in 4 Canadians report living highly stressful daily lives. Chronic stress leads to difficulties in communication, concentration, anxiety, depression, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Mental health problems alone are estimated to cost employers about $20 billion annually and account for over three-quarters of short-term disability claims in Canada. Tap into how profitable your company could be if employees learned how to eliminate stress from their lives. Imagine how fast the company could grow if all of your employees were healthy and productive and possessed the tools to eliminate stress. During a corporate retreat with Transform Gros Morne your team will eliminate stress, learn how to reset the body and remove old baggage that is preventing them from achieving their goals. They will be taught how to nourish their mind and body for optimal performance. What our world needs is a new generation of leaders who have the capacity to lead from a place of love, consciousness, and well-being. Invest in the well-being of your team and your company will grow to heights you never dreamed possible.

Couples Retreat

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage. – Lao Tzu

Experience the beauty of Transformation with your partner and two of your favourite couples as you transform and grow together. According to the American Institute of Stress, more than a quarter of people surveyed in 2014 felt alienated from a friend or family member because of stress, and over half had fought with people close to them (like their spouse). Eliminate stress and foster your communication skills with Transform Gros Morne. Strengthen the roots of the relationship by removing all of the stresses and triggers of everyday life while immersing yourselves in nature. Eliminate old baggage that is preventing you from moving forward. Learn how slowing down can speed up the growth of your relationship. Discover how to achieve new and exciting relationship goals and Transform your bond beyond your wildest dreams.

Girls Getaway

A good friend knows your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you.

Experience the ultimate friends getaway by growing and transforming together. It has been clinically proven that your girlfriends improve your physical and mental health. To know there is someone there for you, who has your back when you need a push, who will hold your hand when you are trembling and who will cry with you when you shed a tear. They physically and mentally enhance our lives and enrich the everyday experience. To paraphrase a Roger Caras quote: our girlfriends may not be our whole lives, but they make our lives whole. Going through a transformation with the support of your girlfriends will be incredibly powerful. To be able to support each other through this journey will deepen your connection and elevate your relationship. You will laugh together, cry together, climb mountains together (literally and figuratively) and create treasured memories. You will each individually be Transformed and your friendship will be forever Transformed. Experienced the journey of Transformation with your tribe of fearless female friends.

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