The Dangers Hiding in Your Food

Eat healthy. We see this commend everywhere. Eat healthy, seems easy enough yet when you start to dig a little deeper it is not quite so simple. Life has become complicated and that complication has reached into every aspect of our lives, including our food. What goes on the food you eat and what does your food eat? Questions many of us have not considered before. 

Fruits and veggies are the go-to health food right? Well reaching for an apple may not be as healthy as we once thought. Why is that? The pesdicides that are sprayed on the plant and found in the soil the plant is growing in. Most non-organic produce is sprayed with pesticides. Pesticide’s one and only job is to kill. The etymology of “-cide” roots back to Latin, essentially meaning “to kill.” Whether it be insects or rodents it is job is to kill, and we put it all over our food. These pesticides are absorbed by the plant and linger even after thorough washing. It is unclear exactly how dangerous this is, but research shows that exposure to pesticides can cause damage to the brain and nervous system and even contribute to cancer. Pesticides are also used on crops that are fed to animals, that we eat. How do we combat this problem? Buy organic or from a farm that practices permaculture. Buying organic means that your produce has not been sprayed with harmful chemicals and the meat that you are purchasing has not consumed feed that has been sprayed. Permaculture is a design system that utilizes natural patterns and rhythms to create a self sustaining eco system. One component of permaculture is companion planting. This is where alongside your crops you plant other herbs, vegetables, flowers that help to keep harmful pests away. No need for pesticides.

Knowing what the meat that you purchase has eaten is also an important thing to know. Did you know that cows in the US are fed candy and that the US is Canada’s #1 source of beef imports? If you are attempting to limit the amount of candy and processed sugar you and your family consumes, do you want them eating beef that has been fed candy?

Researching how your food is grown or raised and what it has been fed or sparyed with does require an investment of time. However if you don’t care, you may end up spending more time and money on your health (or illness) care from injesting harmful chemicals. One of the easiest ways to find out answers about your food is to locate small independent farms in your area. Many small farms now either use organic or permaculture farming and raise their animals on pastures meaning they eat only grass (no candy!). Most of these farms are happy to answer your questions and give you a tour of their farms. Below is a list of questions to ask when contacting a farm;

  • Do you practices organic or permaculture farming?
  • What do you spray your produce with?
  • Are your animals injected with antibiotics? (these antibotics so into the meat of the animal and then into us when we consume it, screwing up our antibodies)
  • Are your animals pasture raised AND finished? (
  • Why did you get into farming? (People with a passion for the industry, the earth and health will be far more likely to use none harmful methods than those who are in it strickly for the profit).

Unfortunately in many industries today profit has taken priority over health. We need to be fully responsible for our health and not simply trust that everyone has our best interest at heart. Food should be the first place that we start as it is something that goes into our bodies multiple times a day EVERY DAY. Buying directly from independent farmers also helps support a small, local business which is incredibly important. It also creates a sense of community which has been lost in our overly busy lives. We only get one body and we cant be good employees, parents, friends, neighbors or community members when it is sick. Taking a small amount of time now to find out about your food can set you and your family up for a healthy future. And what is more important then that?