Tara Kroes

Guide / Co-founder
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Woody Point, NL
(905) 978-1451

Tara came to Gros Morne National Park for a visit 9 years ago and never left.  Originally from Toronto, she traded the CN Tower for the Tablelands and has never been happier. Tara has travelled to 35 countries and has never found a place as beautiful or as compelling as Gros Morne. Considered a vagabond, a gypsy, and a rolling stone no one (including Tara) ever thought she would stay permanently in one place. The raw, rare, healing and what can only be described as magical essence of Gros Morne weaved its spell on her and she now has a passion to share that magic with you.

With 25 years in the hospitality industry, Tara has a deep desire to make each guest’s experience unique and unforgettable. It was this desire that led Tara to her training to be a certified life coach (TAC), and NLP Master Practioner (AIP). This means that she can talk to your unconscious mind and help you release any unwanted habits, beliefs and conditions that are holding you back from achieving your goals and living the life you deserve. Tara is also a certified Forest Therapy Guide (ANFT). Her approach to getting clients to transform their lives and reach their goals is to first get them away from technology and into nature. There is something special about connecting with the outdoors, humans have a deep, ingrained appreciation of nature. It brings a sense of peace that you can rarely find anywhere else. There is a great deal of scientific evidence emerging on the healing elements that being connected to nature provides to us.

Tara is also currently completing her Masters of Counselling Psychology. She has been guiding tours in Gros Morne National Park for the past six years. There is a renewing and healing energy found here that is unlike any other place on the planet. The raw, natural beauty of Gros Morne can only be rivaled by the natural beauty of the people who live here. Tara cannot wait to introduce you to the people, the nature and the experience of Transformation waiting for you at Transform Gros Morne.

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